Sunday, 25 December 2011


                          IT ' S ALL ABOUT RED

Christmas time? Not for me! For me it is Red Time. As the winter clothes use to be in black wich is really elegant and glamorous, although it is necessary to combine it with accessories of  different colours, and the red colour it's a great choice because it is glamorous, sexy, gorgeous and everything. It also has a lot of important connotations, if you have read Nathaniel Hawthorne's book "The Scarlet Letter" you will know why, but I am going to explane it briefly: there is a woman punished to wear always a letter A (representing adultery) in her clothes and she do it with class and courage, I admire this charapter for being such a brave at that time. 
Moreover, the red is a strong colour that represents a lot of powerful emotions, from love to 


                     Lipstick and nail polish in red, of course.

                     And if it is glossy bright, better.                                                                    


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