Wednesday, 25 July 2012


   Long time since my last post, I know, but at last after two moths of hard exams and now being quite happy with my results, I'm finally back to the fashion world. I have to tell that I'm really exited for having the opportunity of sharing my ideas with all of you through internet, so God bless the internet and the fashion world!
These are some of the outfits that I have choosen to wear this summer and I will be uploading more throughout it. If you like it and want to copy it, feel free!

                                                                       Shorts by Zara
                                                                        Bracelet by H&M

                                             In an attempt to be Eva Green in Dark Shadows
                                                          Dress by Stradivarious

                                             Vest by Mango; shirt by Zara; earrings by H&M

                                             Long red orange/geranium skirt by Zara

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